My New Philosophy

Clearly I'd never give up sunscreen, but this article also indicates a reason (however feeble) not to give up wine, either. 
I'll drink to that!
(anyone catch the gratuitous Broadway reference in the title of this post?)


LG said...

I wish I could get into white wine. It seems so nice and refreshing, but just gives me an instant headache. (The fish wine may have ruined me for life.) On a more serious note, it's interesting how cultures developed over thousands of years and now science shows how the pieces all fit together in a healthy way. I'm thinking specifically of the Mediterranean diet.

Farrell said...

I don't think the fish wine counts as "wine." That was a bad night

Dawn said...

Funny-I read that this morning in the newspaper. So I guess I should take wine instead of sunscreen to the beach!