A Bite of the Big Apple

This weekend I went to Rosa Mexicano at Lincoln Center in New York. Apparently this used to be considered one of the better Mexican restaurants in Manhattan. Now it has opened locations in other cities and, subsequently, lost a bit of its appeal to the local restaurant snobs.

Regardless, I thought I would share two of the items I enjoyed with the idea that they might be replicated at home. The first was a Pom Margarita. I'm not sure what the deal is with the pomegranate. Is it currently trendy? Is it over? Was there just a big buzz and it never quite fulfilled its promise as the next big thing? Who knows. However, the Pom Margarita was excellent. I ordered mine without salt, and it was equal in tanginess to a traditional margarita. A recipe can be found here on the POM Wonderful website.

One selling point of Rosa Mexicano is that they make your guacamole on a cart next to your table, specifically for you. I generally enjoy a basic lime juice and garlic infused guacamole, but their version was a great alternative. The ingredients (all very finely chopped) were onions, hot peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, and another herb that I never identified. The addition of hot peppers was interesting and different, but I really liked it.

Happy snacking! - LG

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