More and more lately we see party food presented in “interesting” vessels – taking standard hors d’ouevres and jazzing them up. Really, it is not about what you are serving, rather it is all about the presentation!
At a few of my recent work cocktail events, we have served hand-cut Belgian french fries in darling little paper cones, making it easy to handle the savory treat and a glass of wine while networking. While I probably wouldn’t serve fries at an in-home cocktail party (not because I don’t like them, but more because they just wouldn’t be as good), Martha Stewart recently featured these cute do-it-yourself paper cups as a new way to serve snacks to a group. They feature them with a summer fruit salad, but they could be used to single-serve almost any snack! Martha includes assembly instructions on her website, which could be easily customizable for any event color-palate.
Try them out!

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ashley said...

those are such a great idea! i am going to make them and fill with mini cookies that i am making for an upcoming bridal shower.