Wedding Wednesday: Adults Only?

Normally, I am in strict opposition to small children attending or being involved in weddings, especially more formal, evening affairs. I have just witnessed too many disasters when they are in attendance, even the most well-behaved. I love kids, but they always end up either causing a scene during the ceremony, hanging from the bride’s “princess” gown all night, or putting on a show on the dance floor.
However, I was recently a guest at a Long Island wedding where they had, hands-down, the cutest tuxedo-clad ringbearer ever.

Please, enjoy.


MC said...

Personally, I am a big proponent of children at weddings. To me weddings are about love and family, and children are the ultimate symbol of that.

Ashley said...

I love children, too, but I think that there is a time and a place for everything and poorly behaved children just do not belong at formal weddings. I agree that more often than not, they are misbehaving, and no bride needs to deal with that on her day. We did not invite children to our wedding, and did have to deal with some relatives, including my mother in law, who were not okay with that decision. We did recommend babysitters, etc for those with children who were traveling to attend the wedding. However, if they still chose not to attend because of our invitation list, then that was their loss for not being able to respect our wishes and celebrate our day.
Oh well!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with the children. It is more an issue with the parents who sit back at the reception and watch the bride- or bridesmaids- babysit the children on the dancefloor.

Anonymous said...

well said

teaorwine said...

Children are certainly a part of weddings. Families gather and children come along, of course. This is an excellent oppportunity to teach them how to behave politely in a "sort of" public setting. I agree that many believe the inclusion of kiddos = free babysitting, which is so not true. Only the parents will be able to determine if their kiddos will fit in at a wedding or best to leave with a sitter. Great topic, btw.