Going Green in 2008

We hope that everyone had a fabulous holiday season!

Everywhere I look, I see or read something else about the big push to "go green." We have been doing "green" events at work for a while now, actually.
While doing some post-holiday internet shopping, I noticed that Williams Sonoma is now offering a "green" line of kitchen hand soaps and lotions. As a fan of their current line (except for always wanting them to make the lotion in a smaller size than the hand soap), I am sure that these will be just as fabulous, with the added bonus of being environmentally friendly. With inventive new scents like Meyer Lemon Parsely and Olive Oil Coriander, they are definitely worth checking out!


Anonymous said...

i agree, i always use the soap so much faster than the lotion!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that you put something up about being green. i have tried to make my house as GREEN as i can....now all i'm missing is this soap!


Mrs. STL Sarah said...

I love the new soaps, but I was really peeved when I bought the Peppermint soap for my guest bath before Christmas and they told me they were out of pumps because they were changing the line!

Farrell & Lauren said...

that must be why i did not receive pumps with the soap and lotion i got as a christmas gift!! how annoying.