Lighten Up

With the new year here, I know many of us are trying the traditional "lose weight" New Year's resolution. If your meals are turning a bit lighter, maybe it is time to do the same for your wine (at least in taste, if not in calories). My suggestion is Prosecco, a sparkling wine from Italy. "Prosecco" refers to a grape that is used to produce a crisp wine with fruity flavor. Because it is sparkling, the celebratory feel of this drink belies the average price tag of $13-16 per bottle. I recommend Prosecco del Veneto, which is served by Michael C. Fina at it's in-store events on Fifth Avenue. Don't be turned off by the pop top- this is a great everyday choice to spice up your meals or after work routine. - LG


Farrell & Lauren said...

I find that "cheap" prosecco is more difficult to taste than "cheap" champagne -- so, when I am serving cocktails for a group that call for champagne, I often substitue prosecco. The Trader Joe's $6.99 bottles cannot be beat!

neillaphi said...

Another alternative is sparkling wine. Some of my favorites are Cordoniu Cava, Banrock Station Sparkling Wine and Seaview (all between $9-$11 in your local wine shop or grocery store). I would seriously drink sparkling wine/champagne all the time if it stayed bubbly in the fridge for a few days after opening.