Wedding Wednesday: Late Question

Last night Farrell asked if I had any ideas for Wedding Wednesday. I very flippantly replied, "Why does J. Crew make it's bridesmaids dresses in such weird colors?" They are pretty colors independently, but wouldn't fit into many wedding color schemes.

Obviously this question cannot be made into a real post, but still....WHY? Why do you do this, J. Crew?


Anonymous said...

they have some interesting colors in general for spring this year. who can wear mustard yellow??

Sarah M said...

I agree. I wanted to use J.Crew for my bridesmaid dresses but the colors wouldn't match anything. Bad descion on their part.

Anonymous said...

Some of the colors are pretty but they don't necessarily look like spring colors (regal purple, for example). The material looks very shiny for such simple dresses. Shiny, simple and "spring/summer" might not work well together.

Here's an idea about Wedding Wednesdays for the girls who've already gotten married. What would you do differently if you did it over? Was the wedding for you or your mom? :) Does the concept of the "perfect wedding" change as one gets older and how?