Sporty Food

Not being a big fan of sports, especially football, I am not a big fan of the “Stupid Bowl,” as I call the big event that is happening this Sunday. However, I do enjoy the parties that are associated with the game. I know everyone has their own traditions, so what are your favorite Super Bowl Party recipes for a group?

Mine Include:
Chili (
this is one of my favorite recipes)
Secret Cornbread (I am sworn to secrecy on this recipe by my mother, but it is heavenly)
Rotel Dip and Chips
Super Nachos (my husband’s favorite)
Puppy Chow (I omit the butter)

No one ever said that Superbowl eating had to be heart-healthy, right?


Anonymous said...

This is also a good recipe:

Anonymous said...

I want Rotel dip now.- LG

ashley said...

i went to a super bowl party last year where they had a taco bar -- it was great!

Anonymous said...

The best way to make super nachos is when it comes out of the over, instead of olives and avacodo on top you put shredded lettuce, diced tomotoes, sour cream, and salsa.