Cooking Update

This is our last week of "no restaurant April" due to travel plans next week.  Things we have been eating:

Chicken Enchiladas adapted from 1001 Ways to Cook Southern (basically this recipe).  More appetizing than my version looks- yikes.

Chicken Piccata, roasted asparagus topped with parmesan, baguette.

Variation of the chicken piccata dinner.

Using up that asparagus- rissoto with asparagus, peas and parmesan (disaster).

  • Chicken and parmesan should be my best friends. 
  • Cilantro adds a nice kick of "fresh" to even the least healthy Mexican food. 
  • Lasagna goes a long way. 
  • When in doubt, make it a taco night and impress everyone with homemade tortilla chips.  (Throw some cilantro on the tacos and you are really in business.)