Wedding Gifts

Sunday is my first wedding anniversary (!!) and we have recently received a few more gifts.  Technically guests have one year to send a present, and I have very much enjoyed finding something on my doorstep these last few days- it reminds me of last year's excitement!  These wedding gifts have also turned out to be some of the most thoughtful ones I've received:
Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home and 1001 Ways to Cook Southern could not have come at a better time.

My mother and her mother both chose Towle's Chippendale silver pattern when they were married.  Other silver patterns in my family include Fairfax (Gorham) and Repousse (Kirk Stieff).  What I like about Chippendale is that is a perfect middle ground between the other two.  It has the clean lines of Fairfax and the more feminine feel of Repousse.  And so I determined that Chippendale would also be my pattern, but I chose not to register for it.  Lucky for me, a family friend was thoughtful enough to track down this serving spoon and have it engraved with "O'C".  I'm so pleased to add my own piece to the silver set I've inherited- a nice mix of the old and the new!

In other news I finally made something for dinner last night:
Veggie lasagna- YUM!  Good thing I liked it- I estimate that it will be on the table for dinner and lunch until this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yum....and your gifts are lovely.

And I'm so glad it's not this time last year when I was totally ignored and had to spend a feeeewwww too many days at Holiday Barn!

f said...

ahhh the joys of cooking for two -- lots and lots of leftovers