New Vice

Things have been busy around here - lots of work, little sleep.  As such, I have been enjoying the occasional (okay, occasionally more often that occasional) afternoon caffeine in addition to my morning coffee.  I have to tell you, I might just been hooked on Starbucks' VIA Iced Coffee.

It is so easy - take the packet, mix with 16oz cold water, stir it up and serve over ice - with a splash of skim milk if you are me.  All the deliciousness of Starbucks without having to leave home or change out of your pjs.  I may be totally late jumping on this bandwagon, but if you are, too, I suggest giving VIA a try immediately if not sooner.

Yes, it is pictured here with a few of my other vices:  giant monogrammed Tervis TumblerOPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, and my very over-worked computer on a very chaotic desk.


Anonymous said...

Love the Tervis Tumbler with you initials! Where did you get it?

Farrell and Lauren said...

Just follow the link to Tervis' site!