No Restaurant April

As I mentioned before, our household is experimenting with a no restaurant April.  The rule is that we can only eat meals that do not involve tipping a server.  This allows us to indulge in some takeout on weekends.  However, the spirit of the experiment dictates that we eat homemade foods as often as possible.  I was sick the first week, and fear of my germs preventing us from doing this as much as I would have liked (Cosi tomato soup was a big part of our diet).  This week one member of our household will probably be working late a few nights (sad) so I don't have much to report.  In fact, I've mostly been eating what I ate before when alone:
Quesadilla, refried beans and New York magazine.
Hopefully I will have a better report later in the week.  The good news is that I'm sure we've already saved a ton of money AND I've lost a pound.

In other news, we have our first married plant.  It's a pothos, because apparently they are hard to kill.  I say "we'll see."  I've never kept a plant alive, but maybe it will happen this time.  To encourage the proper care of said plant, I've give it a name:  Pot.  Pot is enjoying his new home by the window.
Pot the pothos
Doesn't he look nice in his blue container?


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should consider another name? People might question you if you talking about growing "Pot".

Try not to water it to death.

Anonymous said...

Edit: talk about growing pot. Sometimes it's hard to type with such little paws & no thumbs.