Adios, Miami

So, the time flew by and we are back to reality, after a long bachelorette weekend in Miami. While we have forced back into real-life, our stomachs have yet to recover from the trip. Miami is gastronomic experience to say the least. Among the things we learned while dining this weekend:
  • Every open-air cafĂ© on Ocean Drive serves breakfast for $3.99-4.25. Their dinner entrees may be $30 a piece, but breakfast is unbelievably cheap. They all offer the same 4-5 basic choices, but as long as you go with one of those, you can get out of there for much less than a poolside frozen drink (keep reading).
  • Drinks are insanely expensive. A fountain soda will run you $4, a Corona $9, and a frozen cocktail $11-13.
  • They take tapas SERIOUSLY in Miami. On Cinco de Mayo we visited Tapas y Tintos on Espanola Way. Ordering tapas and sangria for 16 girls is not an easy feat. We thought we would need the customary 2-3 plates per person. We were sorely mistaken. Every two people could have easily split 3 plates between the two of them. The tapas were excellent, the open air seating was perfect, and the portions were HUGE.
  • Dancing on your dinner table is encouraged. On Friday night, we had a huge dinner at Taverna Opa – completed with family-style Greek food and pitchers of margaritas and mojitos (this was bad news later on in the evening). Waiters danced on tables, threw paper napkins all over the restaurant, and eventually we danced on our tables ourselves. It was unexpectedly glorious for even the most reserved person on our trip.
  • Every restaurant adds 17% gratuity – regardless if you are a party of 2 or 12. $11 drinks by the pool + 17% gratuity = disastrous for your wallet.
  • Just because the portion sizes are huge DOES NOT mean you need to try to finish them. If you order 5 tapas plates between the 2 of you (ahem, Lauren and I), just let it go, don’t try to finish it. Otherwise, your stomach is still hating you 48 hours later!
It was a blissful weekend over all – and has definitely inspired some potential posts for this week, so stay tuned!

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Farrell & Lauren said...

What, Farrell, you didn't notice that I finished the baseball sized hunk of goat cheese? Well, I did. Even though we ran out of bread. Whoops.