Wedding Wednesday: HOW long?!?

According to Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette, the average length of a modern-day engagement is 14 months. As I am nearing the 11th month of our engagement, and am just about four weeks from the wedding, I recently started to reflect on what a “good” period of time to be engaged actually is. Clearly the length of your engagement is a very personal choice – sometimes dictated simply by the availability of venues and vendors, other times by personal circumstances. For me and my fiancée, 12 months has been just long enough to enjoy the fun parts of being engaged – the parties, the registering, the tastings, the reviewing of countless bad band demos – while not being negatively overwhelmed by the not-so-fun details – hotel blocks, invitation lists, program verbiage, getting 10 groomsmen to successfully get measured for tuxedos.

But, like I said, it totally varies from couple to couple. Some prefer to do it as quickly as possible, make quick decisions, and get the show on the road. Others like to take their time, weigh every option and visit 17 venues before deciding on the perfect one.

So - how long do you think is a good engagement period? We’d love to hear your thoughts….


Anonymous said...

I agree with you ladies that it is an individual choice. Although, I have a friend who tried to plan the whole thing in 6 months and almost went crazy! I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Anonymous said...

I think a shorter engagement becomes more acceptable as people get older. However, anything under four months is ripe for pregnancy speculation.

Stefanie said...

I agree that it is a very personal choice but a year sounds just right to me.

I have several Mormon friends and for them, over three months is too long. I can't imagine planning everything in such a short time!

Congratulations on the engagement!

MC said...

I think 9-12 months seems like plenty of time, but of course I have the woman who planned a wedding for over 700 in six months for a mother. My parents were engaged on the 3 months anniversary of their first date and married on the 9 months anniversary.

Sarah said...

I agree it is personal choice. I got engaged last May and getting married this September. I wish it could have been a shorter engagement but my fiance's brother got married last October and also I wanted a September wedding. But I can't lie, it has been a lot of fun!