Oil & Vinegar

Recently when I travelled back to Charlottesville, I found the most wonderful shop: Oil & Vinegar. I thought it was local to the area, but it turns out that there are franchises around the world. This store has the most wonderful olive oil, and they will ship their products anywhere. Basically, the shop is full of beaker type contraptions (I don't know any other way of explaining it) containing olive oil that has been infused with herbs, fruits, etc. You can pick a glass bottle (to the left is a picture of my empty bottle), and they fill it with olive oil or vinegar right while you wait. My favorite is garlic infused, but there is also a lemon olive oil that is great for cooking. Anyway, everything is so reasonably priced, and they also have a lot of specialty items, including a surprisingly good green olive mustard. It is fun to play on the website- there is a pretty decent recipe selection. However, if you are ever near one of the stores, definitely stop in- they always have a TON of samples waiting.

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