Wedding Wednesday: The Home Stretch!

So, there are about 2.5 weeks left til our wedding. And honestly, if I hear one more person ask me about “how the planning is going,” I might put all of my strength into socking them in the face.
It’s going.
It’s done.
I am ready for it to be here!
If you want to ask me something that won’t drive me to violence (or heavy drinking), I do enjoy the “what are you most excited about about the wedding” question. Aside from the mashed potato martini bar at cocktail hour and playing “who will be the most intoxicated relative,” I am really most excited to be married. Cheesy, I know, but true. Afterall, that’s what it’s all about, right?
When I am a guest at a wedding, though, I tend to be most excited about the appetizers and the music that is going to be played (and of course the happy couple). It is all about the event experience.
What makes a great wedding for you?


Anonymous said...

Other than you and David being married, I am most excited about having my hair that weird? Oh, and the mashed potato bar- I am all about that- Oh, aaaand that we will be at the beach- Lauren

MC said...

I tend to be really bad and revel in the bad picks, whether it is the guest in the horrific outfit or something that seems out of place, i.e. the peach cake at my cousins mauve and sage wedding.

Sarah M said...

A mashed potato bar sounds awesome.

I'm getting married in Sept. and the only question I ever hear is how is it going? It is so annoying!!!

I would love to hear more of the wedding plans. I'm still looking for some final touchs and could use a new source of inspiration.

Congratulations and I wish you the best.

Stefanie said...

Question: Are you serving cheese appetizers? :0)

Farrell & Lauren said...

yes, there will definitely be cheese. lots of it!

Anonymous said...

What I am most excited about is seeing you and David married and so happy!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about seeing you and David start your lives together. Can't wait to see the beautiful bride walking down the aisle with her Dad. Love, MOM