Tipping the Scales

I have realized recently that I am a little bit clueless about tipping. Because of this, I end up over tipping in order to err on the safe side. I started re-thinking this policy when more than one cab driver stared and stuttered when I told him to keep the change. (Maaaybe I gave a 50% tip over Easter weekend because I was excited about flying out of LaGuardia rather than JFK. Some of you may understand this.) And so here is a refresher course:
  • For your Hairdresser: 15% (I normally give 20% and will continue to do so. Treat with respect the person who colors your hair.)
  • The shampoo person at a salon: $1-2
  • Manicurist: 10%-15%
  • Cab (or Car Service) Driver: 15%-20% (Plus $1 for each bag handled.)
  • Hotel Housekeeping: $2-5 per night (Consider leaving a tip each morning as different maids may work on your room over the course of your stay. Leave the tip in an envelope labeled "Housekeeping.")
  • Doorman: $1-2 for calling a cab
  • Anyone who handles your bags: $1-2 per bag
  • Concierge: Anywhere from $2-20 depending on service performed
  • Bartender: $1-2 per drink

Standards vary, but these seem to be good guidelines. (Although I will probably keep giving good tips to drivers. After all, my life is in their hands.) - LG


Stefanie said...

Thanks for the tipping tips! (haha)

I once gave a pizza deliverly man a $5 tip and he thanked me profusely.

Farrell & Lauren said...

Well, sometimes it feels good to tip a lot! But I think I need to be a bit more practical about it.