Summer Spirits

Memorial Day has passed and now it is time for porch music and summer cocktails. Yay! And so here are two good (though somewhat unseasonable) choices for refreshments.

First, we have a reader recommendation. They said that since we feature so much cheese, we should really look into some good wine to go with it. A merlot from Shafer Vineyards was suggested. As a disclaimer, I have not tried it. However, I will probably pick some up next time I am wandering aimlessly around the store.

Next up is a tried and true recipe for Cosmopolitans. Now, I know that Cosmos are a bit dated. I try not to order them in bars any more for fear of being so 2000. However, they are still one of my very favorite drinks, and they are generally featured whenever I get together with friends. Below is a combination that will knock your socks off (is that a suitably old-fashioned phrase?). Seriously- watch out.

Cosmopolitan, from The Bar Guide- Williams-Sonoma

2 fl oz citrus vodka
1 tbsp triple sec
1 tbsp cranberry juice cocktail
1 tbsp fresh lime juic

Pour into a shaker over ice and strain into a glass.

The last time I made these I translated the proportions into pitcher sized portions (it was a wedding shower.) They were fabulous and a good time was had by all. - LG

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Anonymous said...

SO 2000 or not, I will always love cosmos!