Curtains Part II

After posting about some pretty, feminine curtains here I waited too long and found that the blue ones were gone when I went to order them.  Then I went to a Junior League meeting last night in the most consistently decorated house that I may have ever personally seen.  I marveled at the uniformity of the owner's taste and noted that I will probably never be able to commit that fully to a decorating scheme.  And while I was not out to prove that point when I went to Pottery Barn Kids tonight, I managed to do so by buying these:

A far cry from toile (am I a six year old boy?) and I didn't have to commit to a color palette : )  But the best thing about them is that they make me happy, and I guess that is the point of decorating.

PS- Please ignore the tension rod.  We live in a rental with plaster walls.  I am basically too scared to install and/or hang anything.


Anonymous said...

here's the great thing -- these are 100% you, LG!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't they lined with a black out panel? It'll be nice not to be awakened by the sun at 5:30!

Lindsey M. Cote said...

they ARE so you LG. in fact, i seem to remember a dress that you used to wear that looked like these...a regular scarlett o'hara!