Heading to VT (That's Vermont, not Virginia Tech)

While sane people in the northeast are heading off to warmer destinations, I am doing tons of laundry in preparation for a week in Vermont.  We went in on a ski house for the season, but due to work commitments we haven't actually spent much time there.  To make up for this, we are heading there for vacation, just around the time that it's hitting the upper 40's here in New York.  Oh well.  Really, it should be lots of fun.  I had never spent any time in Vermont prior to this, so it's been very interesting.  Our house is in Winhall, right at the base of Stratton Mountain.  Despite being a very quiet resort (ie, there aren't taxis to take people home from bars like at Killington), it stays extremely busy on the weekends.  Busy with twelve year old male snowboarders from Greenwich.  They are so thoughtful and polite on the slopes.  (That's sarcasm).  During the week it is retirement central, which is a little more comfortable for this Virginia bred "skier."  Anyway, the point is that I will be back blogging with Farrell around the 21st.  Everyone have a good weekend!

Pictures from our last trip up to Vermont:

Covered bridge!

Favorite house on the way there.

Second favorite house.

Our house!

Check out that icicle!

The local gourmet market/wine store/coffee shop.  (We go there once twice per day.)


Lindsey M. Cote said...

Have fun! You know, Stratton is where we got engaged!

Nacho said...

If you get a chance, take some pictures of those ice fishing shacks...and any other covered bridges you might come across.