Luck of the Irish: Whiskey, Cheese and Dessert Pairings

Getting ready for Thursday, people?  Living in a college town, I cannot TELL you how excited the general population around me is for St. Patrick's Day.  Green beer abounds.

We'll be doing the usual corned beef, cabbage, and homemade Irish Soda Bread in this household, but after reading this article on the Top 5 Irish Whiskeys, we may make a few additions to the menu.  I've rarely met a cheese I haven't liked, and dessert, well, that's apparently the themeof the blog of this week!

This probably calls for a trip to our favorite local cheese shop for some goodies.  You know, in our spare time.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what is more exciting, corned beef and cabbage, whiskey, or cheese from Feast.