Dreaming of Pillows

It's no secret that I like toile.  I have posted about it in the past, specifically my discovery of Town Toiles.  When we were on hiatus I saw an article in The Richmond Times Dispatch about an artist who started sketching local landmarks to create the city's own toile design- I guess she figured it would take a while for Town Toiles to take an interest in Richmond.  You can see the results here.  At $70+ per yard (yikes!) the fabric is a real splurge, but it could be used to create thoughtful gifts for special occasions- maybe a pillow for a graduation or engagement present.  Now what I really need to do is go in with someone on the design fee for a Charlottesville based toile...that would be a real hit. 


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Anonymous said...

I would totally invest in a Cville toile!