Men's Stationery

I was recently asked to give advice regarding men's stationery choices. I had never really thought about this, but I guess as men get older they really do need to write nice notes sometimes. (Really they should do this when they are younger, but those types of manners seem to fall apart in the fraternity years.) And, when they reach that point of realization, they seem to be pretty clueless about where to start. While looking at the Crane & Co. website, I found these favorites (click on picture for a direct link). For all of our male readers, I promise that the following are respectable, manly choices that won't make you look like you know TOO much about these sorts of things : ) - LG

The basic border stripe (in any color) is always a good choice:

From the desk of...

(My favorite) A very snazzy pinstripe:


MC said...

Last Christmas, I gave my Dad Crane's handbordered correspondence cards in forest green with his monogram and he has already used all of them and purchased more for himself.

Anonymous said...

You know, it only took me about 3 gift-giving occassions to train my husband to remember to write thank you notes!