Perfectly Polished

Like most everyone I know, I am a mildly obsessed with the Food Network.

Aside from the fabulous recipes and entertaining ideas, I am continually mesmerized with the nail polish worn by Everyday Italian’s Giada deLaurentiis. It always looks clean, sexy, and polished (no pun intended), like she just came from the manicurist, no matter how many times per episode she is dipping her hands in soapy water, olive oil, etc. The rumor on the internet is that Giada only wears OPI Bubble Bath. Although my signature nail color is, and has been since high school, usually a dark, rich blue-red (think OPI Quarter-of-a-Cent-Cherry or My Kind of Brown or Essie’s (sadly) long-discontinued Real Red), the next time I am looking for a clean, light, fresh manicure, I am signing myself up for a Bubble Bath.

I have a feeling that it is one of those sheer pinks that looks best when applied by a professional, rather than at home, so, I may just have to splurge….


Anonymous said...

"Sugar Daddy" and "Pink Ribbon" by Essie are good, sheer pinks too.

Anonymous said...

Is is true Opi polishes were formulated just for acrylic nails?

Farrell & Lauren said...

I actually prefer Essie polishes for fingers, and OPI for toes, because of their consistencies, but I have yet to find the perfect red shade of Essie.

MC said...

My favorite sheer pink is Essie Ballet Slippers.

Leslie said...

OMG, I love that you have an entry about this. I am equally obsessed with her nails. I like Bubble Bath, but OPI Sweetheart will create a similar effect.