Vanishing Vino?

As a recent newlywed, my household is in receipt of a plethora of fabulous new table linens, which I love to use when entertaining.
As much fun as it is to use those new linens, dealing with stains on them has become a challenging experience. The most difficult stain to get out has been from red wine on white cotton-based napkins.
After some research, it seems that the table-salt method is the most publicized method of quick red wine stain removal:

  • Wet the stained napkin or linen to dampen thoroughly

  • Sprinkle the stained area liberally with regular table salt

  • Let it sit until you can wash (as per the instructions) it in the washing machine

I have also heard the commercial solvents Zoot! (sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond) and Wine-Away recommended.
Does anyone else have experience with this? Or am I the only one with guests that slosh occasionally?


Farrell & Lauren said...

Zoot! is also fabulous for removing just about any kind of stain. It removed a large quantity of sesame oil that somehow jumped onto my white shirt from the wok on my stove last week!

Anonymous said...

I love Zoot -- it is so great for getting out any kind of stain on anything -- clothes, sofas, or carpet.

Meg said...

I'm completely obsessed with stain removers (sad, I know). The table-salt method works well but is too messy considering there are regular stain removers that will do the trick...I usually end up spilling the liberally sprinkled salt on the way to wherever I'm going to dump it. Because it would make too much sense to try to brush it off first. I'm not familiar with Zoot!, but you can bet I'm on my way out to get some soon. Any product that includes punctuation as part of its name is a winner in my book.