Escentual Findings...

As a corporate event planner or as a hostess in my own home, I really try to consider all of the five senses before an event starts. I think it is key to make sure that my clients’ or guests’ senses are fully engaged, while not being overwhelmed. Traditionally, the most difficult component to engage is smell, as there is a thin line between a pleasant and inviting smell and something that becomes overpowering and offensive. I find this particularly challenging when entertaining at home – since our metro-DC apartment is SO small. In my experience, candles are the most subtle way to do this.

I have been obsessed with Votivo candles for quite some time now. Not only do they come in unique and refreshing scents, but the distinctive boxes that they come in are just as delightful to display as the candles themselves (Clean Crisp White is chilling in its box on my bookshelf right now). Last week, when I was visiting our wedding florist in Norfolk, I was enthused to learn that Votivo has now come out with a Garden Collection! As someone who frequently misses the tangy smells and relaxing sights of a suburban garden while co-habitating in a city apartment, these are a great vessel for bringing a little bit of the flora and fauna inside! I was particularly drawn to: Fresh Tomato Leaf and Purple Basil and Lime.

A bit pricey as far as scented candles go – the standard size runs between $28-40 at boutiques here in DC – they are well worth the expense, and the compliments you will receive on them are endless!

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