Wedding Wednesday, Take One

I am a big fan of customer service – GOOD customer service. To me, that makes or breaks any kind of situation, whether you are buying tires or couture, really. So, for our inaugural Wedding Wednesday, I wanted to touch on good customer service when it comes to bridal shops.

In my quest for the perfect wedding dress in the Washington, DC area, I visited quite a few bridal establishments. In my naïve mind, all bridal shops should be happy, sparkly meccas of sunshine and love – after all, all of the customers who walk through the doors are there for a joyous occasion. In reality – not so much. My experiences with this in DC ranged from rather pleasant to downright awful.

In the end, I purchased both my gown and my bridesmaids' dresses from Promise…for the Savvy Bride in Bethesda, MD. This boutique is not only uber-convenient for me (and has free parking – woo hoo!), but I have had the most outstanding experience there from start to end. Jessica Fox and her staff not only carry a fabulous selection of gowns and bridesmaids dresses (Carolina Herrera, Carmela Sutera, Jenny Yoo, Claire Pettibone, just to name a few), but their consistently down-to-earth, personable attitude make this chic, funky boutique a breath of fresh air in the sea of stodgy, uptight bridal salons that permeate the DC scene.

I am just one fitting away from the big day, and I have nothing but great things to say about Promise!

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