Flower Fridays

I have to admit it: Intern Emily from The Hills made a big impression on me. For those of you who didn't see her first appearance, she really knows her way a florist's shop. And for those of you who have mixed feelings about Intern Emily- you know I am right (about her knowing her way around a florist's shop.) And so I realized three things:
1. If I am ever going to score that super competitive internship with Teen Vogue, I really need to get it together. (This point was emphasized when I was in New York in February having brunch. One of my brunch mates noted that he had just seen Intern Emily, and her boots were "fabulous." Somehow I doubt anyone ever describes me as fabulous on a Sunday morning.)
2. My father is a horticulturalist. I sometimes confuse peonies and hydrangeas, and that is pathetic.
3. Bottom line: I, like many other girls, enjoy receiving flowers. And it is kind of assinine to want something if I can't identify it...

And so I have implemented Flower Fridays. This is meant to be a quick brush-up on everything from identification to meaning. So stay tuned. Next week you may find out that those flowers you ordered for a co-worker are typically used at funerals. (Yeah, I made that mistake last month.) - LG

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