Flower Friday: Organic Gardening

Ok, I promise I will actually write about flowers next week. However, Earth Day is still coming up, so I thought I would follow up on that and introduce you all to the idea of organic gardening.

Now, I know that some of you are already landscaping your own homes. Please keep in mind that any chemicals you use are likely to make their way into drains after it rains- and eventually into streams and rivers. That doesn't seem like a big deal until you order fish that has come out of those waters. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is a bit more graphic:

Stormwater carries a host of contaminants from the land into the water: sediment, phosphorus, nitrogen, toxic metals, herbicides and pesticides, organic material, oil compounds, and bacteria. Roadways, for example, release oil and grease, tailpipe emissions, and other toxics from motor vehicles. Lawns contribute fertilizer and animal waste. Construction sites release quantities of mud.

That is all the preaching I will do. However, next time you want a lush green lawn like your neighbors, think about the crabcakes you had for dinner last night. And then check out this site, Organic Gardening, for ideas. (It also has a lot of good tips for growing your own vegetablesand herbs- great for those of you who cook.)

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