Hippies and Ice Cream and Earth Day

A conversation I recently had with Farrell:

LG: I am going to blog about organic cleaning products for Earth Day.
fls: You know what Earth Day means?
LG: Hippies?
fls: Free Cone Day.

But really, my point is that we should all be seriously considering more environmentally friendly lifestyles. If the theory of global warming doesn't bother you, the possible link between environmental toxins and various health problems (such as cancer , ADHD and the skyrocketing autism rates) should.

Fortunately, natural cleaning products are both effective and pleasant to use. (They have little in common with the smelly bongo player from your 12th grade English class.) These new cleaning products are beneficial in two ways: 1) The person using them is not exposed to potential carcinogens and 2) The resulting wastewater is less harmful to local rivers and streams. Now that I have switched, I hate using standard cleaners.

I am going to highlight a few items this week, so try them out! Every little bit helps...

Todays Selection: Stonewall Kitchen, based in Maine, has a great line of products. I particularly love the Lavendar Mint dish soap. It makes cleanup much more bearable.

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