Flower Fridays: Tulips

I love tulips! They are my favorite flowers. Well, my favorites when displayed in a vase (I think they look kind of funny in their natural state outside.) And my favorites but not necessarily for a wedding. And my favorites but not when grouped with more than one kind of other flower.
Ok, well, tulips are in my top five. If you want a simple, elegant arrangement without a lot of fuss, these are always a great choice. I generally like them in very dense arrangements, but they also look pretty when the stems start to bend and they spill out over a vase.

Three fun facts about tulips:
1. Red tulips signify love. Purple tulips signify royalty. Yellow tulips (my favorite) signify either hopeless love or cheerful thoughts. (Hmmm, that is confusing.) White tulips signify either worthiness or forgiveness. Variegated tulips represent beautiful eyes.
2. Tulips continue to grow after they are cut.
3. Tulips are native to Turkey, not the Netherlands.

Now for some pictures. It is amazing to me that these are all tulips, even though they look so different. I have only shown a few, but to find more (you could look for hours) click here. - LG

The Black Parrot Tulip (not my favorite, but apparently Martha Stewart loves it.)

The Baby Doll (a double rather than single bloom.)

The Cilesta (love the colors.)

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suburban prep said...

Tulips are my favorite. They are essentially how I began dating my husband. He sent me flowers anonymously for Valentine's Day and they were tulips. I liked them before that but loved them even more after that. They have a special meaing between my hubby and myself.
Thanks for the tulip info.