Wedding Wednesday: Be Our Guest?

So, our wedding invitations have been in the mail for two weeks now. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the invitations and calligraphy from Reaves Engraving. A friend referred me to them, and they just happened to have a line in the exact slate blue stock that I was looking for – at a fraction of the price of the Vera Wang’s that I had my eye on! Plus, the charming southern accents of the South Carolinians who answer the phone there are enough to make you want to order your invitations from them on the spot.
Getting the response cards in the mail is really the highlight of my mother’s day; each day around 3:30 pm, I get the call with the updates on the RSVPs. About a quarter of our guests have RSVPed so far – with only one regret in the bunch. I had no idea that so many invitees wait til the end of the response period to send their regrets! But, we know how I feel about RSVPing in general.
Anywho... while we are on response cards…I have had many a bride-to-be friend who had to deal with the sticky situation of someone who wasn’t invited with a guest responding with one. Luckily, we have not yet had to cross that bridge, which I have my own opinions on, but I would be interested in hearing how some of you out there handled that awkward scenario…
For anyone who is getting ready to mailing, wedding related or not, don’t forget that postage goes up mid-May!


Anonymous said...

After dealing with mind-numbing budgets, maximum capacities, and guest lists - there is nothing more frustrating when a guest self-invites his or her own guest. Your growing frustration and stress during your wedding planning process, may lead you to harshly say no. But when the wedding day is over in 24 hours and your personal relationships remain for years to come, it's not worth the hurt feelings or possible unpleasant confrontation for a few exra people.

Anonymous said...

Although this is a gracious way of looking at people who don't rsvp or bring along uninvited guests, the additional cost of $100? $150? or $200? a head can quickly add up. How can you not resent the additional financial stress (unless you have boatloads of money) and is it fair to the people who responded promptly and correctly?