Zodiac? Which Zodiac?

Everyone knows their sun sign, but do you know where you fall in "The Twelve Patterns of the Southern Silver Zodiac?"
One of my favorite books growing up was The Southern Belle Primer by Maryln Schwartz (Doubleday 1991). To this day I am not 100% sure that this book is satire, but I do know that I still love it.

In my opinion, the best section is about the Southern Silver Zodiac. The premise is that you can tell a lot about someone by their silver pattern choice. Sounds silly, right? Trust me- it is disturbingly accurate. Here are a few samplings straight from the horse's mouth:

Chantilly. Gorham. [One of my college friends chose this pattern. It just so happens that her mother-in-law's pattern is also Chantilly.] Belles with Chantilly tend to be a bit prissy. They do best with men whose mothers also have Chantilly...Don't let all that sweetness fool you. Chantilly girls were often fast in high school.

Burgundy. Reed and Barton. [My current favorite of the twelve, since my inheirited pattern is not featured.] ...Burgundy girls tend to be somewhat shy. They have dreams of being splashy, but they just can't let go...They do well with friends who have Buttercup. They are not made to feel too competitive.

Acorn. Georg Jensen. [My favorite pattern when younger.] Beware of the Acorn girl....Girls who pick Acorn are rebellious. They march in parades and sometimes have been known to go to colleges in the East and drink beer straight from the can.

Check out the book for more information, or write in to find out what your pattern says about you! - LG

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